About Us

What Is Mint Maids And Who Are The Owners?

Mint Maids is a premier residential cleaning service, as well as a commerical cleaning business founded by two energetic and creative women, Aleksandra Misiun and Barbara Trejda, both of whom bring decades of residential cleaning service expertise to any job they undertake. Mint Maids performs services in the Greater Memphis area (Collierville, Germantown, Cordova, East Memphis, Eads, Lakeland, Bartlett, etc).


Meet Aleksandra Misiun

Aleksandra is originally from Poland. In 2006, she moved to Scotland where she started her first cleaning business. While in Scotland, Aleksandra cleaned hotels, and performed many commercial and residential cleaning services to a larger number of clients. She moved to Memphis in 2011, where she also conducted residential cleaning services. Aleksandra is happily married, and she enjoys painting, traveling, and gardening during her leisure time.


Meet Barbara Trejda

Barbara is also originally from Poland. She moved to the US in 1996, and arrived to the Memphis area one year later. In 2006, she settled in Collierville and has been living there ever since. For over 15 years, Barbara has worked with her father’s commercial cleaning business that provides floor care and commercial cleaning to major retail stores. She also has performed residential cleanings for many years. Barbara is the mother of three children. She enjoys baking and playing the guitar in her spare time.


Why Hire Mint Maids? 

As busy wives and mothers, Aleksandra and Barbara understand how stressful and difficult upkeep of a home can be. They want to help you by taking the stress of a messy home off of your hands. Having observed other local cleaning businesses, they know they can provide high quality work and customer satisfaction that these local providers lack. Mint Maids differ from other cleaning providers with their reasonable prices and the ability to make promises that do not go unfulfilled. Mint Maids perform residential cleaning services with care to every detail. Mint Maids will bring higher quality work to your home, and they will treat you like family.