What People Have To Say About Mint Maids Memphis

“I have known Aleksandra for almost 3 years. She is prompt, super organized, and does a great job cleaning and dusting. She is very honest and trustworthy. My house glitters when she leaves. I would certainly recommend her, and she already works for many of my friends.” – M.A.


“Aleksandra has worked for our family for three years. She is very reliable, trustworthy, and does excellent work.” – R.W.


“Aleksandra does a wonderful job. She is dependable and a hard worker. We are lucky to have her!” – J.S. from Germantown


“Aleksandra Misiun has helped me with cleaning and companionship for 14 months. She is a treasure, and I very much enjoy her help! My husband and I always look forward to her visits. We recommend her highly.” – A. & V. C. from Germantown


“During the time Alexandra worked with us as a cleaner she proved herself to be extremley dedicated to the role. Never did we have any complaints about her work or the manner in which she conducted herself. She is also a very pleasant person who always came to work with a smile on her face. She was greatly missed when she moved on. I wish her every success with her new venture.” – Fiona McManus from Scotland

“I unconditionally recommend Aleksandra Misiun’s house cleaning service. Aleksandra is punctual, dependable, efficient, hardworking and honest. She does a thorough job, and is flexible in taking on additional work if required by the circumstances. I am fortunate to have the benefit of her assistance.” – Greg Fletcher

“I highly recommend Aleksandra. She is the best cleaning person I have ever had. Not only does she do a fabulous job, but she is always prompt and exactly on time. Even more important is what a nice person she is. She is part of our family. We all love her, especially our dog.”


“My name is John, and I rent a large apartment in Collierville that I use as a music studio. After years of trying to manage this place, which is constantly filled with dust collecting music equipment, vintage collectibles and many odds and ends used in my teaching business and band rehearsals, I finally decided to get some help, and that’s when I found the Mint Maids. The Mint Maids have done an excellent job here, easing my mind from much stress. They are always on time, always finish in about an hour, and always leave this place looking cleaner than I could ever imagine. The nice thing about an apartment music studio is that it comes with a kitchen and bathroom, and the Mint Maids have kept both of those in immaculate condition. Trust is important too, much of the equipment stored here is small and expensive, yet I have no worries with the Mint Maids. Collierville is a place with high standards, that is why I chose to put my music studio here, likewise, that is why I chose a Collierville based cleaning team like the Mint Maids.” – John S


“I am so pleased with the cleaning services provided by Barbara and Mint Maids. Barbara is dependable, trustworthy, efficient, and it is delightful to come home to a clean house! I am so glad I called Mint Maids several months ago and highly recommend their services.” – Donna H